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AAF Flanders understands the enormous impact the air we breathe has on our health and quality of life. We’re continually working to find better solutions and create new possibilities. As part of our commitment to Bringing Clean Air to Life, AAF Flanders partners with some of the industry’s leading brands to offer the very best in air filtration solutions for your home.

NaturalAire Microparticle

Removes additional airborne allergens and contaminants, to help protect the ones you love.

Do It Best Allergen Plus

Reduces contaminants that may cause allergies for a healthier home.

Do It Best Allergen Pro

The Do it Best Allergen Pro air filter removes potentially harmful particles to keep the air in your home or office clean and healthier.


Because people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, we know it’s vital to make sure your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) is the very best it can be. Learn how you can minimize indoor air pollution, maximize your home’s HVAC performance, and keep your family comfortable and healthy.

How often should I change my air filter?

Did you know? Air filters, in the home need to be changed regularly to ensure the best possible indoor air quality.

Choosing the correct size air filter for your system.

Choosing the correctly sized air filter is important in order to keep air clean in your home. An improperly sized filter may have limited performance.

How to locate your air filter in your home, and more.

If you have recently moved, bought a new home, or simply decided to replace your indoor air filter, you may be wondering where the air filters are located in your home.